A building material that flows and spreads effortlessly, reduces worksite hassles and saves you time every day? Discover Agilia™, our range of self-compacting concretes. Extremely fluid, they require no vibration and provide an exceptional, highly aesthetic finish for a variety of applications!

AgiliaTM - self-compacting concrete that reduces construction time and cost

The new concrete technology used in Agilia™ products allows for placing without difficulty, providing excellent quality concrete with superior surface finishes. Agilia™ gives flexibility on worksites at all levels, for all types of applications.

AgiliaTM is now available in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth.

Discover its benefits
No vibration
Agilia™ eliminates the need for vibration. That means improved safety conditions and less excess noise on worksites!
Easier to place
The flowing properties of Agilia™ make placing it a breeze, thanks to a reduced number of pour points. The product's impressive ease of levelling enables swift and easy coverage of large elements.
Worksite flexibility
The characteristics and reliability of the Agilia™ range offer more efficient organisation of worksite labour for pouring work.
Reduced labour time
Agilia™ speeds up pouring work due to its ease of placement and the high-quality surface finish it delivers. Finishing becomes a thing of the past!
How can you use AgiliaTM?
Projects using AgiliaTM
Frequently Asked Questions
Does it comply with Australian Standards?
Yes, Agilia mix designs and all ingredients are in full compliance with the relevant Australian Standards.
Will I be able to pour my wall from one point?
That will depend on the length of the wall; the actual distance Agilia Vertical will flow depends upon several factors such as the dimensions of the section, reinforcement arrangement and cast in items. Typically, if a wall is less than 12 m long you can pour from the centre, if it is more than 12 m you may need to place in two locations. To ensure the best possible finish the concrete should not flow more than 9 m in each direction.
Do I have to vibrate it?
No, the concrete is self-compacting, which means you don’t have to vibrate it to compact it. In fact, if you vibrate any Agilia product you will cause the product to segregate and bleed.
How far will it flow?
Depending on the method used for the placing, the concrete will flow between 3 to 9 m from the point of placing. How far the concrete flows is dependent on the energy you put into it i.e. how fast or hard you ‘push’ when you start placing. For example, if you pour it directly from the truck into the slab, it will go further than if you pumped it because the initial motion ‘energy’ was higher.
Can you pump it?
Yes. Agilia is ideal for placing by pump, a normal concrete piston pump will have no problems with Agilia providing the pump and pipeline have been properly primed using a cement slurry. A big advantage when using Agilia products is that the size of the last two or three sections of flexible pipe may be reduced to 75 mm diameter, making it easier to handle and move around.
How many people will I need to place it?
Eliminating the need for vibration typically facilitates a labour reduction to place Agilia. The volume of concrete, the surface area and the method of placing or setting the level, will all influence the people required. Holcim staff will be happy to advise you.